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Information about Lea Stein, Jakob Bengel, Boucher Christmas Pins and Bakelite

Lea Stein Jewelry  
Lea Stein was born in Paris in 1931 and married Ferdinand Steinberger, a chemist, in 1950.
She worked in the fashion industry and in the late 1960’s started to design costume jewelry made of celluloid.
Christmas Jewelry
The custom to wear whimsical pins shaped as christmas trees, snowman or Santa Claus boots before and during the christmas period exists in America probably since the end of the 40’s. But only during the 50’s it became so fashionable that many companies started to design and produce a new line of Christmas jewelry every year.

How to store and take care of vintage costume jewelry  

Costume jewelry should be stored in a dry place which is protected from dust since dust is abrasive and takes away the lovely sparkle on rhinestones. Best are small soft textile pouches wich at the same time are ideal to store your jewelry when travelling. The jewelry should be stored seperately in the pouches.



Bakelite is a plastic named after the Belgian-born New York inventor Leo Hendrick Baekeland (1863-1944). It is impossible when writing about it, not to equate this synthetic material with the advent of the Modern age. Indeed, the 20th century saw radical changes in design, shaping old materials as never seen before and introducing new materials of which Bakelite is one. 


Jakob Bengel Idar Oberstein  

German necklaces and choker made from chrome or nickel plated metal and galalith in the thirties by the company Jakob Bengel are hard to find and are collected world wide.
Founded in1873 for the purpose of manufacturing watch.- chains in base metals, the company Jakob Bengel in Idar Oberstein changed very early from hand crafting their product to making them ...

Marcel Boucher was born in France in 1898 and emigrated to the United States in the 1920’s
Doing an apprenticeship at Cartier in France he continued training with them in the USA and later worked for Mazer Bros. in America
Storing and taking care of your bakelite jewelry
To assure you bakelite jewelry a long life a few things should be noted:

Sometimes the bakelite jewelry gets in touch with skin creames. It is easiest to remove any grease or dirt with a soft cloth and a bit of glass cleaner. This method is very effective and doesn’t harm the material.




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