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Going for a walk or going swimming in Berlin

Sightseeing can be very tiring, so sometimes it is a good idea to do something completely different. In Berlin you can take a walk in the parks or woods or on summer go swimming in one of the many lakes in and around the city.

Berlin is in the fortunate position to consist of 18% forest and 11% public green space. Those of the visitors having come to Berlin by plane might have noticed that fact already during landing.

Apart from that the water quality of the lakes in Berlin and the surroundings is remarkably high.
So without having long ways you can relax in the parks and woods.

Right in the city center is the Tiergarten a huge park. Don’t mix up the park Tiergarten with the Tierpark which is a Zoo in the east of the city. Also don’t mix it up with the Zoologischer Garten which is the Zoo in the west part of the city, next to the Tiergarten.

In the Tiergarten you can find Schloß Bellevue, the Haus der Kulturen der Welt with winderful exibitions and during summer a great Biergarten right next to the water. Apart from that there is an English Garden, a Rose Garden and a rhododendons grove.
A map of the Tiergarten can be found here:

Another place in the Tiergarten to have a refreshment during summer months is the Schleusenkrug, it is near Zoologischer Garten.

Something to bear in mind during summer weekends is that the areas in the northern part of the Tiergarten where the inhabitants can barbecue are really heavily used for that purpose.

One can walk for hours in the Tiergarten and if you get tired of doing so simply hop on the bus number 100 or take the S-Bahn at station Bellevue to wherever you fancy.

Another fantastic place to go for walks is the Grunewald, it is very easy to get there by public transport: Take The S-Bahn Number 7 to Potsdam and get of at S-Bahnhof Grunewald.
Behind the station Grunewald is a very impressive memorial in remembrance of the deportation of the jews from Berlin which started in most cases from Bahnhof Grunewald.

Into the other direction from the station crossing the motorway leads an underway to Schildhornweg which leads straight through the Grunewald. On all crossings in Grunewald you have directions and distances to places written on small white stones. My favourite walk is the one to Lieper Bucht and with 45-60 minutes one way it is not too long. On the way back you can have a swim at the small Teufelssee. The water is absolutely clean and the atmosphere very nice.

An ideal combination of going for a walk and going swimming offer the Neue Garten with the Heiligensee in Potsdam. The Neue Garten is a historical garden in Potsdam where also Schloß Cecilienhof is situated. Schloß Cecileinhof is a very important place as the Potsdam agreement was signed here in 1945.
Swimming in the Heiligen See is allowed between the Grüne Haus and Hasengraben.
The atmosphere is very cultivated and the water always very clean.

It is a bit difficult to get there by public transport. It is best to go to Potsdam by train and than take the tram number 93, direction Glienicker Brücke. Get out at the station Ludwig Richter Strasse, from there it is a 5 minute walk.
Alternatively from Berlin take the any train wich runs via Potsdam, get out at the Station Wannsee and from there take the Bus Number 316 to Glienicker Brücke. It is a 5-10 minute walk from there.



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